Quad databases:

These following files are the ones missing on my github . Because of size restrictions there, I have decided to host them here. Each one can be used along with my dataBase.py program to query Frobenius sets of cardinality four. (n)quad.txt contains all quads such that the largest element is less than or equal to n. For each quad it is either True (symmetric), false (not symmetric), or explains that it is not reduced so it's symmetry is the same as the reduced quad. The amount of RAM required is the data's physical footprint in memory but as much as three times as much may be necessary in order to load the file, handle I/O, and run your system. A temporary cloud computing solution may be optimal for those with limited hardware capabilities.

Download 10quad.txt Size: 4 Kb Requires: 12 Kb RAM

Download 20quad.txt Size: 88 Kb Requires: 557 Kb RAM

Download 30quad.txt Size: 604 Kb Requires: 3.3 Mb RAM

Download 40quad.txt Size: 2.2 Mb Requires: 13 Mb RAM

Download 50quad.txt Size: 5.7 Mb Requires: 36 Mb RAM

Download 60quad.txt Size: 13 Mb Requires: 77 Mb RAM

Download 70quad.txt Size: 25 Mb Requires: 149 Mb RAM

Download 80quad.txt Size: 43 Mb Requires: 270 Mb RAM

Download 90quad.txt Size: 70 Mb Requires: 391 Mb RAM

Download 100quad.txt Size: 108 Mb Requires: 641 Mb RAM

Download 110quad.txt Size: 162 Mb Requires: 873 Mb RAM

Download 120quad.txt Size: 235 Mb Requires: 1.4 Gb RAM

Download 130quad.txt Size: 329 Mb Requires: 1.7 Gb RAM

Download 140quad.txt Size: 448 Mb Requires: 2.5 Gb RAM

Download 150quad.txt Size: 600 Mb Requires: 3.2 Gb RAM

Download 160quad.txt Size: 785 Mb Requires: Gb 4.5 RAM

Download 170quad.txt Size: 1010 Mb Requires: 5.5 Gb RAM

Download 180quad.txt Size: 1.3 Gb Requires: 6.6 Gb RAM

Download 190quad.txt Size: 1.6 Gb Requires: 9.1 Gb RAM

Download 200quad.txt Size: 2.0 Gb Requires: 11 Gb RAM

Source Code: