These following SQLite3 database is the one missing on my github . Because of size restrictions there, I have decided to host it here. It can be used along with my program to query Frobenius sets of cardinality four. For each quad it is either True (symmetric), false (not symmetric), or explains that it is not reduced so it's symmetry is the same as the reduced quad. You can also launch the recommended program with the included database by running my docker container with the command:
docker run -it dglass710/frobenius-quad-database
Google cloud console has docker installed and comes with every gmail account (you should really try it, it's so easy!). Just click the console (command prompt) button on the top right corner of your screen here and paste the above command.


Download frob.db Size: 2.1 Gb
Sha1 check sum: 9eedb896ecf0dc354d2841741bb5dc8c132dd270

Query Script:

Download (Python 3.5+)
Sha1 check sum: bcbc5e6bf745c5ff8e5ea2839d44781b8c450bc0

Tables have five columns, four integers a, b, c, and d, as well as one string called symmetry.

3 ≤ a < b < c < d ≤ 200.

This database was optimized for performance. Initially, all data was in one table. Each query took several seconds. This version has data seperated into almost 200 tables. The table names are values of a: _3, _4, ... _197. The name of the table indicates the value of a, the smallest integer in every row. They were grouped this way to make retrieval of data much more efficient. uses python's sqlite3 library and formatted strings to connect and look in the correct table each time.

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